Finding Nemo and Parents: A Beautiful Connection

In the education world, Parents can be viewed as a blessing, a curse or a little bit of both. Often as educators, we ponder why there is no engagement with the school. We scour the land looking for the magic theme night or family event that will encourage participation, often repeating what has been done over and over with little success. While I in no way have that answer, I have the first step: understanding.

Remember this:

Nemo’s first day at school filled with unparalleled excitement and anxiety. Most focus on Nemo: kid with a smaller than normal fin but thrilled to go to school. But who focuses on Dad? The Dad who had suffered loss and spent years protecting his pride and joy. The Dad who knows Nemo may not be able to swim as fast or keep up with his classmates. The Dad who hopes that his son will experience success in a system where expectations were unclear.

Parents entrust us daily with their best and often misunderstanding one another leads to conflict. Parents and schools are working toward the same goal: for the student to be successful. I encourage all educators to think about Nemo’s dad and understand, connect and establish a relationship focused on what is best for the student.

Author: Meghan Lefevers

2017-2018 Milken Award Winner, GCS APOY, APOY NC, endless advocate, data driven humanitarian

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