It Comes Full Circle

Today’s visit to the North Carolina State School Board has drawn my attention to two ideas: life’s big picture and the circle. As a 9th grade student, I spent time at the NC House and Senate as a page. One day, I vividly recall being asked to take a job on the Department of Public Instruction where I was tasked to organize materials. While it reads as a menial task, my high school heart hoped that one day I would be good enough to work there. Fast forward life about 15 years and, while I still don’t work there, I was honored there today as one of the best educators in the nation.

Sometimes, life gives us hints about the directions we should go. I fought hard to be a doctor and thought that my big picture would be more vivid and exciting colored with the honor that comes with being a doctor. But today, as I walked back in to DPI, I knew that my big picture was colored exactly how it should have been. Sure, there some spots that are dark, smudged and probably not so vibrant, but stepping back and taking in the full picture: it’s perfect.

Author: Meghan Lefevers

2017-2018 Milken Award Winner, GCS APOY, APOY NC, endless advocate, data driven humanitarian

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