Power in People

This week I learned about P.O.P. To my Milken Educator Family, they will know this phrase to mean something a little different. However, I would argue that now more than ever I have found Power Of People. I have been inspired, challenged, amazed and blessed to be around individuals that understand me. Through sharing my story with a 2010 New Hampshire MEA winner, we devised a plan to start a conversation centered on our unique life experiences, but rooted in passion. In minutes I knew we were destined to make this change. You see, people who want to make a true change in education look past their selfish desires because they understand the true journey and, the best part, they cheer you on yours. They want to join with you to make real change. In the course of three days, I have been bolder than ever in knowing my purpose in the educational arena. As I leave this new family, my heart and spirit and invigorated because I know the future of education is being thoughtfully dissected, creatively planned, and met with unbridled love for students. To Jillian Brinkley, I am forever thankful for our impromptu conversation that allowed our passions to collide and minds to soar as we created a meaningful plan. To my Milken Family, thank you for renewing and feeding my spirit to know there are Power In People!

Author: Meghan Lefevers

2017-2018 Milken Award Winner, GCS APOY, APOY NC, endless advocate, data driven humanitarian

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