The Power of a Moment

You may have heard…. hurricanes have not been nice to NC this season. While we certainly have not been the hardest hit, we have found ourselves with a few more workdays than usual. Today, as Hurricane Michael came through our area, we had an optional teacher workday. It is only after the completion of the day that I have reflected on how lucky I was to have today. You see, in the midst of loosing power and many other modern day niceties, I found myself stopping to savor the moment. Unprompted, most everyone working gathered in a central location and spent time with one another. In the hustle and bustle of the day and the era of constant connectivity, we rarely sit down with one another and enjoy a conversation. I learned a great deal about my staff such as their likes, dislikes, tidbits about their family, and what makes them smile. I encourage any administrator to find time to unplug from technology, calendars and phones to be present with your staff in fellowship. This new Principal sure is thankful for a workday with no power!

Author: Meghan Lefevers

2017-2018 Milken Award Winner, GCS APOY, APOY NC, endless advocate, data driven humanitarian

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